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90210 Season 1 Episode 1 - We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Episode Summary:

Harry Wilson, new principal of West Beverly High, returns from Witchita, Kansas to his childhood home of Beverly Hills with his wife Debbie, their daughter Annie and adopted African-American son Dixon, to care for Harry’s mother, former television star Tabitha Wilson. On their first day at West Beverly, Annie and Dixon encounter Ethan Ward, the star lacrosse player Annie developed a crush on when she met him a few summers ago who is cheating on her girlfriend, Naomi Clark, the spoiled rich girl whose sole focus is her Sweet Sixteen party and shopping. Dixon befriends Navid Shirazi, editor of Blaze News and tries out for the lacrosse team to form a bond with his Dad but things go awry when he gets into a fight with George, a team player, compromising his chances of getting on the team. An upset Dixon,who gets thrown out of the team because of Ethan and George’s conspiring gets back at them by sending a message to Naomi informing her about Ethan’s affair only to find out that Ethan has got him back on the team. Erin Silver, the free-spirited girl gossips about Annie on her blog and humiliates her for befriending Naomi-her ex-best friend but makes it up to her by getting Annie the part in the school musical which upsets Adrianna Tate-Duncan, a theatre goddess, as well as an out of control drug-addict who steals Naomi’s purse to get money for buying drugs which contains the “message” while Annie, Dixon, Navid and Silver crash Naomi’s party to prevent this but Naomi eventually finds out. When Naomi fails to complete an assignment, English teacher, Ryan Matthews and guidance counselor as well as Silver’s sister, Kelly Taylor, bring the problem to Harry, who quickly realizes that keeping secrets about his past with Naomi’s mother, Tracy Clark would be difficult when he finds out that he has a son out there somewhere.

Air Date: 2 Sep 2008

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