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Bones Season 2 Episode 21 - Stargazer in a Puddle

Episode Summary:

The team works on finding how Chelsea Cole, a fan of astronomy who suffered from Werner syndrome, died. Meanwhile, Hodgins and Angela prepare for their wedding. Zack is asked to serve his country in Iraq. Brennan’s father, Max, tries to let her in on her past and brings her a 1993 video of her mother. Booth and Max get into a fist fight before Max surrenders to his arrest. The investigation leads to the victim’s mother as the killer who admits guilt, confessing that she killer her disabled daughter thinking she was dying herself, fearing what would happen to Chelsea if she passed away. Brennan has a confronting revelation about the mother, acknowledging that she did what she did out of love. This holds significance for Brennan due to her parents abandoning her as a child, realizing they did it out of love. After resolving the case, Angela and Hodgins prepare for the wedding and Booth shares some touching information with Brennan. After a surprising turn of events, Caroline Julian informs the couple that Angela is still married to a man from a previous relationship, which she assumed hadn’t been serious. The couple escape embarrassment, leaving Brennan and Booth facing each other awkwardly at the alter.

Air Date: 16 May 2007

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