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watch online Celebrity Big Brother UK

Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 14 Episode 7 - CBB14

Episode Summary:

Highlights are shown of life from with in the celebrity house. Leslie talks to Stephanie about trying to sort things out with with Kellie. Edele wonders if Kellie has left the house as nobody has seen her yet this morning. Kellie talks to Big Brother and says that it has been good for her to be around girls. Dee chats to Ricci about his chances of getting together with Lauren. Audley sorts things out with James. Kellie is warned by Big Brother about her behaviour with Leslie the previous evening. The three least entertaining housemates voted by the public are revealed as being Edele, David and Claire. Each of them has to showcase their talents for Leslie to avoid being put on the Celebrity Scrap Heap. Leslie decides that David should be the next celebrity to go to the Scrap Heap. Lauren talks to Ricci and George about what she finds attractive. Dee agrees when Kelli mentions that Leslie has a nasty streak. Ricci asks Lauren if she has ever been to Paris and offers to take her on a trip there. James is unable to sleep because of Leslie’s snoring and goes into the garden where he talks to Lauren and asks her if her feelings towards Ricci have changed.

Air Date: 24 Aug 2014

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