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watch online Celebrity Big Brother UK

Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 6 Episode 10 - Series 6

Episode Summary:

Highlights of the previous 24 hours are shown. Coolio tells the other housemates about his take on women and ends up arguing with Tommy. The housemates learn that today’s task involves learning a dance routine. Coolio causes more trouble when he accuses Ben of wanting Michelle. The housemates manage to pass the task. Terry is told off by Big Brother after he discusses nominations with Tina. As punishment the housemates loose on the tokens they where given for passing the task. Terry tells the other housemates what happened and he tells Ulrika how he feels about her. When Tina is called to the diary room after talking to Ulrika about what happened she is forced to give back one of the two remaining tokens that the housemates have left for passing the task.

Air Date: 11 Jan 2009

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