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Supernatural Season 4 Episode 1 - Lazarus Rising

Episode Summary:

Four months after being dragged to Hell by Lilith’s minions, Dean inexplicably wakes up, buried underground in a coffin. He escapes his underground confinement and tries to contact Bobby, when he’s suddenly ambushed by an unknown entity. He is reunited with Sam, who is just as surprised at Dean’s resurrection as he himself. Together with Bobby, the Winchester brothers find a psychic, Pamela Barnes, to help them discover what pulled Dean out of Hell. Pamela does find out the name of the being, Castiel, but the sight of seeing Castiel burns her eyes out, resulting in her becoming permanently blind. It is also revealed that Sam’s psychic abilities have advanced greatly as he now is able to exorcise demons. He also seems to be frequently meeting with Ruby, who has possessed a new host. Sick of being toyed with, Dean decides to summon the thing together with Bobby in order to find out what it wants and prepares a ritual. The ritual succeeds and Castiel appears, an angel of the Lord. He explains that he is responsible for dragging Dean out of Hell and, when Dean asks why he of all people would be worthy of being saved, that God has work for him to do

Air Date: 18 Sep 2008

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