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Teen Wolf Season 0 Episode 5 - Search for a Cure (5)

Episode Summary:

In Episode 5, Dr. Fenris finds Stiles and Scott and plans to gun them down after they tried to break in his house. Scott says that he wouldn’t shoot because as a doctor he has an oath to help people. Fenris has second thoughts and lets them stay.He talks about a woman, a patient, he met who was severely injured in an accident. To his surprise, he sees that she has miraculous healing powers. Fenris says she was probably a werewolf.He talks about the werewolf mythology and why hunters want to kill them. Near the end of the webisode, he shows Stiles and Scott a picture of her and a picture of someone whom they recognize, it’s Derek Hale. Dr. Fenris says that the woman could have possibly been his mother.

Air Date: 18 Jul 2011

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