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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 7 - The Guitarist Amplification

Episode Summary:

When Penny invites a friend and former lover of her, who is a “definitely not gay” guitarist, to sleep on her couch, Leonard becomes upset. They start a fierce argument, which Sheldon tries to resolve because of certain childhood memories he has about his parents arguing. He talks to Penny and Leonard to get them to apologize, but none of them is willing to admit that they were wrong. As a result, Sheldon runs away. He tries to find shelter at Raj’s apartment and Howard’s house, but as they are both arguing with their parents, he ends up in the comic book store. In the end, Leonard and Penny get Sheldon to come home again by buying him a robot and a comic book. Penny’s friend is then seen sleeping on the couch in Leonard’s and Sheldon’s apartment, prompting Sheldon to say “I should have asked for much more than a comic book and a robot.”

Air Date: 9 Nov 2009

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