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True Blood Season 1 Episode 3 - Mine

Episode Summary:

In order to save Sookie from Malcolm, Diane and Liam, who are about to feed on her, Bill claims Sookie as his human, declaring “Sookie is mine”. With Sookie safe, for the time being at least, Malcolm offers to let Bill feed on Jerry, a young human the trio carry around with them as a toy. Bill is about to feed, but Sookie looks into Jerry’s mind and sees that he has Hepatitis D, an infection that only infects vampires. Now robbed at his chance at revenge for the loss of his boyfriend to vampire blood addiction, Jerry attacks Sookie but Bill stops him and knocks him out. Diane wants to know how Sookie knew about Jerry’s intentions, but Bill manages to get the group out the door before they can ask any more questions. The incident leaves Sookie shaken and with doubts about her relationship with Bill. At Merlotte’s, Sam and Tara close up for the night and share a few drinks. They talk about being lonely and come to an arrangement, whereby they have sex just this one time. Dawn returns home and her little game with Jason quickly turns into more rough sex. However, knowing that Dawn has been with vampires causes Jason to lose his erection and the two have an argument about sex with vampires, which results in Dawn threatening Jason with a gun and throwing him out of her house, all of which is witnessed by Dawn’s neighbor. Bill pays a visit to Malcolm, Diane and Liam and tells them to leave Sookie alone. They criticize him for his mainstreaming and suggest that the Great Revelation was not a good idea. Tara returns home and is attacked by her alcoholic mother Lettie Mae, who calls her a whore and scares Tara out of the house. She drops in on Lafayette, just as a state senator is leaving his “appointment” and asks for a place to stay. Sookie has a dream in which Bill takes her virginity and, after a discussion with Adele, decides that she should give Bill another chance. Jason goes to Lafayette’s house to get some Viagra, but ends up with a vial of vampire blood, which Lafayette instructs him only to take one or two drops of at a time. To get it, Jason has to dance on camera for Lafayette’s website and Tara gets a much appreciated view of Jason’s performance. Sam asks Sookie to swing by Dawn’s house as she did not show up for work. Sookie obliges and finds Dawn’s dead body sprawled out on her bed.[13][14]

Air Date: 21 Sep 2008

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